"#SHOTONALPHA" is a a video project that was created for BCST 1260 Video Project Planning which is part of the BCIT's Video Production and Editing Program. We were required to create a video and a production book that goes with it. This was a group project that consists of 4 members.
Wilkim Tan - Director, DP, Video Editor, Sound Designer and Actor
Jerome Wong - Assistant Director, DP and Actor
Cindy Cao - Producer and Actor
Lara McPhail - Producer, Production Assistant, Safety Coordinator and Actor

The project was conceptualized and story boarded by Wilkim. Jerome assisted in the shoot and budget aspects of the project. Cindy handled casting, location scouting and permits. Lara handled health and safety, contracts and other legal documents.
The goal of the production is to create an advertisement that showcases Sony's mirrorless line of cameras in various use cases.
This project was filmed using a combination of the Sony A7III and Sony A6500.

The team while shooting a sequence in the Pink Alley, Downtown Vancouver

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